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August 20th, 2008 at 06:00 pm

Soooo...here's the shake down.

I was called for an interview at a CPS high school. Was offered the job on the spot. I asked for a day to think it over. That was granted. So, I called the other school and left a message stating that I had been offered another position, but would not like to miss out on the opportunity for a position at their school. No return call. I called the school again after two and spoke with the AP. Was told I did not make it to the second round of interviews. I was like ??? Basically, they gave me the run around. This lady could have told me that on Monday. They start school next Wednesday, so I just think they flat out lied about it all. First, they were supposed to call me last Friday. No call. Then when I called Monday, was told they would call Tuesday. No call. Upon the advice of a co-worker, I asked why I did not get the position so I would know for future reference. The woman would not give me a straight answer. So be it.

In reference to the second position at the high school, I had decided not to take it because it would entail some co-teaching, which I hate. I called the AP and let her know I was declining the position on this basis. She asked if she were able to maneuver the schedule so that I was teaching full inclusion would I take the position. I said yes. Perhaps this will all work out after all. Oddly enough, my grandfather went to the school for high school. It's funny. My first school was a school my paternal grandmother attended and now this. Sigh. Crazy stuff, I tell ya.

I do feel a sense of guilt in leaving this late, but alas, stuff happens. I'm not happy where I'm at. I'm rather tired of the whole job thing. When I was in college, I never realized it would be this bad or hard. I thought I was living a dream becoming a teacher and if I were dedicated enough, everything would be all right.

The interview experience with the other school has left me nauseated. This other school has been a tad refreshing. Who knows how it'll shake out.

3 Responses to “crazy stuff”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I hear you - being a teacher wasn't what I thought it would be like when I was growing up telling everyone that I was going to be one.

    I hope that this new place offers you the change that you need.

  2. merch Says:

    Sorry to hear that. But at the same time, if they were treating you like this through the interview process, you probably won't want to work there.

    This other place is working with you on at least trying to make you happy. To me, it sounds like a better environment. In any case, good luck.

  3. njdebbie Says:

    I'm curious...if you do take the job, do you have to give a 60 days notice to your current employer?

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