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My Own Food Stamp Challenge

December 10th, 2012 at 03:01 pm

I was very inspired by Lucky Robin's food stamp challenge and after some research, decided to jump on board. I perused my freezer for meals for the week and planned my shopping list accordingly. The great part about not eating as much in terms of servings is that it will help my perpetual weight loss agenda.

Trip to Aldi:
Green beans $1.29
Bread $0.50
Refried Beans $0.79
Bananas $0.55
Taco seasoning $0.35
Pumpkin Mix $0.99
Gala apples $3.69 (bag of about 10)
Tomatoes 2pk $1.49
Lemons $1.29
Mini OJs $2.99(splurge for my bf who drinks in the morning)
32oz plain yogurt $1.99
dozen eggs $1.59
gallon milk $2.09
clementines (bag) $2.99

Total with tax $23.10

Today I purchased $15 worth of groceries from Butera to complete our lunch/dinner needs for the week: 2 packs tortillas, fresh blackberries for $0.99, frozen berries, vanilla yogurt (accidentally bought plain and realized when DS exclaimed "ewwwww" last night during snack time), mini water bottles (have repeatedly attempted the cheaper, more environmentally friendly reuseable bottle--two lost), and spanish rice).

I found pork chops in my freezer and had a can of cream of chicken soup as well as a hard apple cider in the fridge. I made slow cooker pork chops making a gravy with the hard cider and cream of chicken. They were delish! Served with leftover rice and green beans (half of the package). I had a pound of ground turkey in the freezer, shredded cheese and sour cream. I am making tacos, refried beans and spanish rice tonight. This will last for two nights. I also found a recipe for baked pumpkin banana oatmeal which I made last night for the breakfasts this week. I have a ton of oatmeal and will be exploring different recipes as part of this challenge.

Wednesday is my school Christmas party, meal paid for already, so I'm not counting that night. Thursday, I need to return to school for a meeting and am bringing DS with me. I may pack myself a small meal but splurge on a Subway $2 footlong for DS. Friday, I've chicken breasts, green beans and potatoes (probably mashed). Saturday to be determined although I do have a whole chicken and a huge piece of salmon in the freezer still.

I will plan out my meals for the following week. I am very pleased that I kept the bill as low as I did first time out! Many challenges await, but I am up for it! I have an Indian slower cooker book and once I get the correct spices, it will be very cheap to replicate those recipes for lunches, etc. Thanks Lucky Robin!

4 Responses to “My Own Food Stamp Challenge”

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  2. snafu Says:

    Oatmeal is a terrific base for so many different types of cookies depending on what fruit is at hand. Coconut, peanut butter or small bits of chocolate creates totally different creations. It's great for bars, pancakes, muffins, coffee cake scones, fruit crisps or cobbler, even filler for meatloaf.

    How wonderful to join the experiment. I find it crucial to create a plan for meals in order to avoid impulse eating out and keep within the food budget.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    You're welcome. I am certainly finding it to be a challenging but very interesting endeavor.

  4. Jerry Says:

    I think that learning to cook with what is in the house can lead to a lot of savings. We kind of had to do that when I was in school, because we did not have the insurance of discretionary income to always get what we normally would have wanted. Good luck utilizing the food in that freezer! Wink Jerry

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