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And...breathe out

January 27th, 2013 at 05:21 pm

So I took Jerrold Mundis' advice and tried as best as possible to just live and track spending during the month of January. Although it is not yet February 1st, I spent the weekend creating a spending plan that includes debt payoff projections. I also updated my debts list for a nice reality check (OY!!!) I USED to do this, but in current months I have always used my spending planner but without the projected payoffs. Thus, nothing gets paid off and I spend the extra money. That bad habit is being set aside.

My income increased slightly in January and I have adjusted my withholding as I received way too large of a refund for my comfort. I am feeling much more optimistic about my financial world.

The young man whose wedding gift bounced? He was more than gracious about the whole thing. It took awhile to get a hold of him, but I am mailing a money order tomorrow. It's so amazing because when you're in a panic, it feels like the whole world is going to implode. As always, everything is absolutely all right. Now, breathe out!

2 Responses to “And...breathe out”

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  2. Jerry Says:

    It sounds like things all worked out and it didn't lead to any hard feelings (which only makes sense, since you ARE giving them money!). I know what you mean, though... in the middle of it you just feel SO embarrassed and it will be the end of the world, or at least a good relationship. Fortunately, we usually have the insurance reality rarely is as dramatic as our imaginations. Smile Glad it all turned out well!

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